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To provide general management consulting, facilitation and professional services employing state-of-the-art knowledge and proven systems, technologies, and processes to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations.

An established and well regarded company performing routine exemplary work for a diverse and loyal clientele, with strategic alliances of industry leading firms while abiding focus on its mission and strong core values, which include a culture of listening and teamwork - and respect for all employees, customers, and stakeholders.


our CEO

Timothy J. Chavez


Mr. Timothy J. Chavez (Pueblo of Acoma) is a Native American entrepreneur and small business owner with 30 years of experience supporting tribal, state, federal, and commercial entities in New Mexico and nationwide.  Through this experience, he observed a need for growth in all areas of business and has since established his four companies.  He is the President/CEO of Keres Consulting, Inc., Keres Real Estate, LLC, NativeVet Materiel, LLC and TJC Construction, LLC.  Mr. Chavez served in the following roles as spiritual leader, councilman, and committee member of several tribal programs for over 20 years of service at the Pueblo of Acoma. Mr. Chavez is also fluent in the Keresan language.

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